Monday, September 13, 2010

A bit of a delay...

This is just a quick note.

While I was hoping to get the next chapter up by the 15th, work has gotten such that I won't be able to get it ready by then. However, I'm not planning on letting things slip too far like, oh, four years again. The next chapter will be rescheduled for this Sunday evening, and after that updates will return to the regular schedule.

Oh, and on one other note: if you're wondering, I haven't forgotten about my account. I will be posting the chapters there as well in the near future, about after I've finished the Water Temple segment of the story.


Christopher said...

I really hope that you haven't given up on this story again.

Eagerly anticipating your next chapter!

Edwin Zhang said...

Dude, it's been over a month... Please don't do this to us again!

Unknown said...

Arxane, I have read all of your publish chapters and just wanted to say they were amazing. However, there is a problem in the fanfic.
The last chapter was posted at least over 5 months ago.

For years I have been a loyal and devoted fan, I have checked for chapters everyday not only on the blog, but also on your accout.

But, there hasn't been an update.
In a long time.

Now, I suffer from the "lazy-as-hell" illness also, but that is no reason not to update or even say anything to your fans.

I didn't come on here to scold you or chew you out (Although I really want to), I came on here to ask you the one question that has been on everyone's mind; Will you keep writing?

This is a "yes or no" question, so don't give us any of the "I have to work" or "I'm lazy" shit, just answer the question.

Are you going to get off of your lazy ass and keep this story up, or will we have to find some other author to devote our lives to?

Rinku Era said...

Arxane, I've been with you since chapter 6 came out. In 2002.
Twelve years man, what am I doing?

I love your series, a lot of us do, and I can promise you now that whether you continue this story or not, I will check it every month, of every year until your webpage escapes my browser, until your username escapes my mind, until your story escapes my memory. I'm estimating another sixty years till then though.

Whatever happens to this story, I hope you know that I'll follow. No matter how long it takes, for you to progress, for me to give up, I'll wait.

Only three sages remain.

land-mine8852 said...

If you care about your fans at all, at least grant us the decency to tell us if this story is dead. Let us know that we can finally give up on it. It's been half a decade since we've heard anything, and unless you're planning some grand reveal when 2020 comes around, I doubt that will change. I understand not wanting to finish something you no longer take interest in. I really do. It's a miserable thing to be forced to finish something when you're only doing it for those around you. Just, please, give us the time of day to tell those of us that stuck with you for many many years to move on. Everyone else has, and I know in my heart that this story is gone, never to be completed, but some bullheaded voice is telling me that maybe, just maybe there's still a chance

2002 you started. Thirteen years I've been reading, loving this novelization. It's been lovely. I wish you felt the same. But I will accept any truth.

Anonymous said...

5 years I wait, 5 years I cry, 5 years we yearn, now 5 years on, i feel alone

Christina Sill said...

Are you alive?

Jonathan Lockewood said...

Shame to say it, but you definitely shouldn't wait on this one. If Arxane is still alive, they probably don't hold much fondness for their work here, what with the earliest chapters being dated over 14 years ago.

It's dead.

Them's the breaks yo.